Your Story

Every day your thoughts write the story of your life.
Your thoughts aren’t facts.
Your thoughts are just the story you tell yourself about your life; your past, your present and your future.
This is the best news ever because you can decide exactly what you want your story to be.

My coach once offered me the option of rewriting the story of my past as a love story instead of a tragedy.
I felt like I would have to lie to myself.
She reminded me that the story of my past was only made up of my thoughts and all of my thoughts were optional.
My current story was full of resentment, frustration, and sadness.
She offered me the opportunity to write a story that was forgiving, understanding, and loving.
I wrote about two people who loved each other deeply and did the best the could with what they knew.
I wrote about two people who were flawed and human but committed to each other.
I wrote about how it must have felt to be on the other side of the relationship and how the man of my dreams never intended to hurt me.
I wrote how I was responsible for my feelings all along and how I made the choices I did because I thought they would bring me the most happiness.
I wrote about how ALL of my journey has brought me to where I am now and how it’s exactly where I want to be.
My new story felt so much better and, shockingly, just as true as my old one.
What’s your story going to be?