You Owe It To Yourself

A woman with a low libido went to a therapist for help.

“I owe it to my husband to figure this out.”

“He deserves better sex.”

That sentiment sounds so selfless and loving.

Problem is it usually backfires.

When you feel like you owe your husband better sex you most likely feel that you are currently inadequate.

When you feel inadequate, you most likely won’t talk to yourself very compassionately.

And you’ll watch for all the ways you aren’t enough and all the ways you let your husband down.

That will only perpetuate the belief that you are inadequate.

Sexual desire just can’t increase when you feel like you are lacking.

But you could look at it this way:

“I owe it to myself to figure this out because I deserve better sex.”

From that thought you will most likely feel empowered and determined and maybe even, dare I say, excited.

When you feel empowered, determined, and excited, you will open yourself up to new thoughts about you and sex.

You will get curious about what it would look like to have the sex life you’ve always wanted.

You will push through the uncomfortable feelings that come from learning to believe something new because you’ll remember that you are doing it for you.

And, you’ll remember that your husband will benefit too.

So, go for it.

You owe it to yourself!

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