Why Can’t Sex Be Easy?

I hear this question from my client’s a lot.

Your brain is always seeking for ease.
That is why we love washing machines, iPhones, dishwasher, vehicles, and Skip The Dishes.
Many aspects of your daily life have been made so easy you now feel entitled for EVERYTHING to be easy.

This causes problems.

Anything in life that really matters, like your faith, your education, or your relationships, will never be completely easy.
These things require the best of you and the best of you can only be accessed with deliberate effort.

Effort is not ease.

So, if your sexual relationship doesn’t feel easy for some reason remember that nothing has gone wrong.

It is just asking more of you.

Once you accept that it won’t be easy, you can then decide if it is worth it.

You have done many things in your life that weren’t easy but totally worth it.

Maybe creating your ideal sexual relationship is your next not-so-easy-but-absolutely-worth-it endeavor.