Which Pain Will You Pick?

You want things to be different in your sexual relationship.

The way things are right now causes you a lot of pain.

Your heart says, “There has to be another way.”

Your brain says, “There could be, but what if it hurts?!? YOU may have to change and he may NOT change. This sounds terribly uncomfortable. And what if you fail? Nothing hurts quite like that!”

Then your brain starts offering you reasons to just keep things as they are.

“It’s really not that bad.”
“Better the pain you know, right?”

Your brain is actually telling you the truth.

There is going to be pain either way.

If you keep things as they are you will feel pain and discomfort.

If you change things you will feel pain and discomfort.

The difference is that one keeps you stuck and the other brings you closer to a future with unimaginable potential.

Which pain will you pick?