What’s Your Sexual Identity?

There are people that run…and then there are runners.

There are people that sing…and then there are singers.

There are people that write…and then there are authors.

Those who identify as runners, or singers, or authors think and act differently than those that just run, or sing, or write?

Identity matters.

How you identify yourself matters most.

So, what is your current sexual identity?

Do you even have one?

You most likely do, but you may not have chosen it deliberately.

How you identify yourself sexually will define who you are sexually.

And that is the sexual self you will share.

So, you can be a person that has sex.


You can identify yourself as someone that loves sex,

or is deeply sexual,

or is a fantastic lover.

With one of these identities you will think differently about sex.

Because there are people that have sex…and then there is you!

If you’d like help defining your sexual identity feel free to contact me at jamelyn@jamelynstephan.com  and we will schedule a free consultation.