What IS A Life Coach, and What Do They DO?

“What IS a life coach, and what do they DO?”

Simply put, a life coach helps people see their current thoughts and how those thoughts are creating their current results.

With this awareness in place, they can be more deliberate about what they WANT to think so they can create the results in their life that they really desire.

In this way, a life coach assists people in living a very INTENTIONAL life, instead of a life on default.

When I hired my first life coach my life was pretty good, but I knew it could be better.

I believed that a life coach could help me take my “good” life to a “great” life.

And she has.

Not through positive affirmations that fall flat in my brain, but by revealing my thoughts to myself and helping me be more deliberate about what I choose to think.

Not by teaching me how to be happy all of the time, but by teaching me how to embrace all the feelings of a beautiful human life.

Not with a to-do list of daily habits, but with a guide that allows me to access my own creativity and find solutions that work for me.

Now I am a life coach and I am here to help others take their life to the next level.

Because that is what life coaches do.