What If You’re Wrong About That?

Sometimes your brain offers you thoughts that feel like facts.

Brain: He is so selfish.

That is true.

Brain: You just don’t have a sexy body.

That is true.

Brain: It takes you too long to feel aroused.

That is true.

But what if it’s not true?

What if you’re wrong about it all?

What if he isn’t selfish?

What if you do have a sexy body?

What if it doesn’t take you too long to feel aroused?

Your “truths” are just your thoughts and sometimes your thoughts aren’t helping your sex life, or any area of your life for that matter.

When you believe thoughts that create resentment, or self-loathing, or shame, you are not going to act like your best self.

When you question your thoughts with “what if I am wrong about that?” or “what if that’s not true?” you open up your mind to positive possibility.

Start watching what your brain offers you.

Then question it all and decide intentionally what you want to believe.