The Chase – A Thrill For The Hunter. A Kill For The Hunted

When a predator is hungry they start hunting.
They need to kill and eat their prey to satisfy their gnawing hunger.
Because hunger is uncomfortable.
So ,the predator lays in wait in the long grass by the water hole.
Once their prey comes into sight they pounce and the chase begins.
The prey, in frantic despair, runs for it’s life. Literally!
Sometimes, the predator/prey dynamic exists in your sexual relationship.
And your husband is the predator.

He has a hunger for sex and it seems like he will stop at nothing to satisfy it.
You, on the hand, feel like his prey.

And when you feel like you are being hunted, you run.
Your freedom to choose if you want sex feels threatened.
And that is a desire killer.
Often, your husband doesn’t realize how desperate he is acting. 
And your resistance to his advances only increases his desperation.
So he chases harder and you run faster.
You can’t stop your husband from chasing you.
So, what’s to be done?
Even if he still chases.
Even if he acts desperate.

You understand why he feels desperate.
He’s trying to eliminate the unpleasantness of rising sexual desire.

You know he doesn’t feel ok; that he’s uncomfortable.

But you know that he is ok., even if he is uncomfortable.

You can decide if you want to have sex.
Not because you have the responsibility to take care of his desire.
But because it is yours to give.

It’s your choice.

And when you remember you have a choice you have access to genuine sexual desire.
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