Trying coaching was a huge leap out of my comfort zone but after much internal debate I decided to give it a go. Jamelyn is awesome!! She is so down to earth and easy to talk to that it quickly lost the awkward feeling and began to feel like I was talking to an old friend. She definitely opened my mind and provided some “Ah ha” moments. I’m really glad I took the leap and went for it…I feel I am better for it


I found the coaching helpful for all aspects of my life. It gave me a different way to look at the problems we all face. I realized through coaching that we are in control of our life. We can make decision, then proceed, and if it feels wrong take a step back and go down a different path and if it feels right keep going. That was freeing for me to know I don’t have to leave things up to chance. I also had never thought about our circumstances being neutral and we give them value, good or bad. Once I applied that in my life my thoughts about whatever I am dealing with changed and I felt like I can face things better. That also includes my sexual relationship.


Intimacy became and issue for me after I had my 5th child. I was despaired to see this area of my life suffer and my relationship with my husband negatively effected. After 8 months of trying to work through this hardship with my husband I heard through a friend that Jamelyn was offering a life coach session centered on sex and intimacy. While I thought that this could be an answer to my prayers (having a qualified person to talk to and seek advice from), I was also terrified to expose my fears and highlight my negative feelings towards sex and intimacy. I had no idea HOW to talk about sex, I had no answers for myself, and bringing a third person into my private life was a terrifying thought.

However, my mind was completely put at ease after my first session with Jamelyn. Her openness about sex and intimacy, her respect, and professionalism showed through right away. I was able to talk about how I felt. My concerns were validated and normalized! I felt comfortable and not awkward. With her coaching I was able to identify why I felt the way I did about sex, where those thoughts and feelings were coming from, and why they were detrimental to my relationship with my husband and my sex life. With her help, I have been able to do the mind work necessary to find change. Several sessions later, I am still doing the mind work, but now I feel like I have goals to work towards.

With coaching I have found validation for my feelings and I know that change will continue to come and I that can have a healthy intimate life again.

One thing I appreciated in my life coaching sessions, even though we started out talking about sex, and still do work through my thoughts and feelings around sex, we have also talked about other areas of my life that I have struggled with. Coaching through parenting and building healthy relationships have been a few of the topics we have covered. I have loved having the opportunity to talk with someone else, and together use the life coach model to find better outcomes for my thoughts and feelings in the future. I have found comfort, validation, hope, and tools to continue to do the mind work to address hard situations in my life. I have used the life coach model to better process my own emotions and to show up as a better Mother and Wife in my life.


Throughout 6 sessions of being coached by Jamelyn, she was able to help me determine the thoughts that were helping to create my low sexual desire, things that I would have never put together on my own! She helped me change those thoughts which I can now say changed my sex drive! Jamelyn is kind and understanding and makes talking about uncomfortable topics seem natural and comfortable.

After seeing great results, my list of things I want coaching on just keeps getting bigger:)

Thank you, Jamelyn!


Jamelyn has been an amazing coach to work with! I didn’t even realize the beliefs I had about sex and how those beliefs were negatively impacting me until I started coaching with Jamelyn. She has brought me so much peace and unconditional love surrounding my sexual relationship!


Working with Jamelyn was wonderful. I didn’t know what to expect but right from the start talking with her was so comfortable and I would leave our sessions feeling encouraged and uplifted. The tools that Jamelyn taught me to use have given me a lens to change the way that I look at situations in all aspects of my life. I was going through a really difficult time in my relationship with my husband and Jamelyn offered support, challenged the way that I looked at things, and gave me a framework and suggestions for me to work through it. I’ve come out of my sessions with Jamelyn feeling empowered and more equipped to have a relationship with my husband that honours both of us and helps me to be true to myself. Thanks, Jamelyn!


I have been working with Jamelyn now for about a month. We talk weekly and I look forward to our call all week. She has been teaching me a lot about changing the way I think and helping me realize that my circumstances aren’t what dictate my happiness. It’s my thoughts that will determine where I go in life. I can choose to let my past hold me back or I can choose to learn from the things that have happened and move forward. I am learning that I am not broken and that I can love myself even as I am right now in this moment. Jamelyn is easy to talk with and shares good advice both from the things that she has learned through coaching and through her own personal experiences. I am grateful for the things that I am learning and look forward to learning more from our coaching sessions.


Coaching with Jamelyn was so much better than I even expected. She is so professional and helped me see things from a new perspective in such a supportive way. Meeting weekly was just what I needed to keep things fresh in my mind and have productive follow up. I enjoyed it so much I would have loved a few more sessions. The coaching helped in all aspects of my life regardless of what we were specifically coaching on. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend it to others!


I came to Jamelyn for coaching with my sex life. I was a little shy at first, but Jamelyn was easy to talk to. I am the lower desire partner in my marriage and I originally wanted to increase my desire. Jamelyn completely revolutionized how I think about myself in my relationship, how I think about sex, and it totally worked to increase my desire! We were able to even touch on other areas of my life and it has been so helpful. Jamelyn is a masterful coach, able to guide you exactly where you need to be to get positive results in your life. If you are wondering if you should sign up with her– do it! You won’t regret it!