Sweet Relief

He’s not home tonight.

You would never admit it to him, but it’s a relief.

It’s not because you don’t love your husband.

It’s not because you don’t like to spend time with him.

But it’s so nice to NOT have to think about his needs for a night.

The pressure is off.

And it feels good.

But you also kind of feel guilty about it.

You’re sure your husband would be so offended if he knew the truth.

Because he would think it meant something negative about him.

The real reason you feel guilty though, is because you make it mean something negative about you.

You’re a bad wife.

You are selfish.

But are those thoughts even true?

You are a woman who has so many people to care for in the day.

And it’s completely normal to feel relief when your “load” is decreased.

Even by one.

So, stop ruining the sweet relief by guilting yourself.

Just relax and enjoy your night “off”.

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