Perfect Harmony

My daughter started piano lessons this year.

She was so excited to learn how to play.

But within a few weeks she began to get frustrated.

She struggled reading the notes in her music book and then placing her fingers where they should go on the keyboard.

Then, just as she got the hang of putting her fingers on the right notes, her teacher added a new skill for her to learn.

Now she had to coordinate two hands on the piano at the same time.

She made lots of mistakes and it didn’t sound anything like she had expected.

She wanted to quit.

She didn’t understand that this was all part of learning how to make beautiful music.

Sometimes people get married and believe that the love they feel should bring complete harmony to their marriage.

Or that their love should make their intimate relationship easy.

But really, when you get married, you are learning a whole new way of living.

You are faced with so many new experiences and expectations.

You make a lot of mistakes.

And, so does he.

Just when you think you are getting it figured out, some new challenge comes along.

Suddenly your marriage doesn’t look anything like you thought it would.

And you want to quit.

But don’t.

Nothing has gone wrong if it hasn’t felt easy.

You are just learning how to make beautiful music in your marriage.

And it takes time and practice and lots and lots of mistakes.

My daughter played a pretty little piece of music at her year-end recital; hands together.

It sounded so lovely.

In that moment, playing the notes in complete harmony, she knew that the journey had been worth it.

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First attempts on the piano – nothing has gone wrong – this is the process

we think love should equal harmony in marriage, ease in intimacy, no frustration.