Love, Your Body

A negative body image can put a real damper on our desire to have sex.

I’m too fat!

I hate my stretch marks.

My breasts are so saggy.

We could list off so many things we just don’t like about our body and use them as reasons to hold back in our sexual relationship or, perhaps, reasons to not have sex at all.

When we talk mean to our body and focus on all the ways it is inadequate it’s hard to feel any sexual desire because we don’t feel sexually desirable.

If you catch yourself being critical of your body, I challenge you to sit down for 5 minutes and write a letter to yourself from your body.

Start with:

Dear (your name),

Let your body tell you everything.

What does your body think of your opinion of it?

What does your body think of itself?

What does your body want you to know about it?

What gift would your body like you to give it?

What gifts has your body tried to give you?

How does your body truly feel?

Sign off with:


Your Body.

Don’t censor what your body has to say.

Let your body speak.

You may be surprised what it wants you to know.