I Want To Want It

“I want to want it.”
This desire often comes from a belief that if you wanted more sex your sexual relationship would finally be easy.
Most likely your husband agrees with you.
So how come wanting to want it isn’t working?
You believe you NEED to stop fighting about sex with your husband.
You NEED to eliminate your husband’s frustration and hurt feelings.
You NEED to instigate once in a while.
You NEED to prove to the man of your dreams (and to yourself) that you aren’t broken.
These needs create a lot of pressure.
The trouble is, pressure never creates sexual desire.
In fact, it kills desire.
If you want to want more sex you have to start by taking the pressure off.
First, remind yourself that you don’t NEED to want more sex, but you can if you’d like to.
Then, ask yourself what creates genuine sexual desire for you. 
Get curious about it.
See where it takes you.
You might just discover what it really means to WANT to have sex.