I Think We’re Alone Now…

You are having an enjoyable sexual experience with your husband but one fear lingers in the back of your mind.

The interruption!

Even if the door is locked, the rattling of the door handle stops your heart.

And stops the momentum of your foreplay.

Because an interruption is like pushing the “rewind” button on your sexual arousal.

What if the lock fails?? What if they heard something??

You lay quietly, hoping the little interrupter will march themselves back to bed.

Or that the teenager will figure out it’s not a good time.

Sometimes, as quietly as they came, they leave.

But other times the knocking starts, or the tears come, or “I need to talk,” is whispered through the door.

One of you swears under their breathe while the other climbs out of bed to get dressed.

All of this has happened to you before and that is why it can weigh heavy on your mind.

Your husband is coming onto you but you are fearful that you might have an uninvited guest.

The knocking of this thought in your brain is as desire killing for you as the actual knock on your door would be.

You can do your best to eliminate possible interruptions but, without eliminating the fear in your mind, there is only so much you can do.

Instead, decide to accept that interruptions may come and that’s okay.

Once you accept it, your fear will diminish and you will have much more access to sexual desire.

Then you can start finding creative ways to manage the situation when a visitor does come knocking.

If you need help learning new ways to think about interruptions, please contact me at jamelyn@jamelynstephan.com  and we will schedule a free consultation.