Flogging Will Continue Until Morale Improves – (Royal Navy ship notice)

You have so many aspects of your life you know you could be better at.
Things you know you shouldn’t fail at or find hard.
Mistakes you should stop making.
Weight you should lose.
Sex you should want to have.
It’s so discouraging.
But you’ve got the perfect solution.
Be as mean as possible to yourself.
Because if you hate yourself, you will definitely feel motivated to change.
“Flogging will continue until morale improves.”
You can’t hate yourself thin.
You can’t beat yourself to sexual desire.
And you can’t loathe yourself to perfection.
You have the proof that this is true and yet you continue to do it.
So now it’s time try something completely new.
Love yourself thin.
Love yourself to sexual desire.
And love yourself enough to give up the notion of perfection.
You might surprise yourself how motivated you feel to improve when you have nothing to prove.
When you want to change just because you like the feeling of progressing and changing.
And really, the worse that will happen is you will stay exactly as you are now but feel completely amazing about yourself.

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