Did I Forget To Turn Off The Oven?

You are enjoying an intimate moment with your husband and suddenly your to-do list is rolling through your brain.
And just like that, you are disengaged from the moment.
As a wife and mother, you spend your entire day monitoring the to-do list of your family.
It directs every minute of your day.
But when your husband initiates sex, you expect your to-do list to shut up!
Yeah right.
Nothing is wrong with you because your mind wanders during sex.
It has nothing to do with your attraction to your husband or even your feelings about intimacy.
When you are driven by the stress of a full in-box every day, it’s normal that it follows you into your bedroom.
But even though it is normal, it’s not ideal.
You can’t experience your full sexual desire or pleasure when your mind is on all that awaits you outside your bedroom door.
So, when your to-do list starts running, uninvited, through your brain, try this.
First, don’t get irritated by it.
Just acknowledge that it has made a guest appearance.
And then dismiss it and start using your 5 senses to focus on what is happening in that moment.
How do your husband’s hands feel on your skin?
How do his lips taste?
How does he smell?
What do you see?
What do you hear?
This practice excuses your to-do list for the moment and helps you re-engage with your husband.
And with desire and pleasure as well.