About Me

It IS possible to change your most intimate relationship for good!

I’m Jamelyn.

Even though I was in a good marriage with the man of my dreams, there were things I knew could be better.

Our marriage seemed to lacked deep intimacy. I couldn’t share my struggles or my dreams freely. Sex felt like a chore more often than not and seemed to focus more on keeping my husband happy than on connecting with each other. We loved each other but it seemed we didn’t understand what true intimacy really was or how to create it. 

I honestly wondered if it would always be that way.

But I just couldn’t accept that!

I was sick of feeling lonely and unseen.

I was sick of resenting my husband.

And I was sick of fighting about sex.

When I found a life coach, I found hope.

I began to believe it was possible to transform my marriage relationship from good to great by building true intimacy within it. I finally saw a way to create the marriage and sexual relationship I’d always wanted but never thought was within my grasp. Now I help other women like you who want the same thing.

My dream is to help as many women as possible create healthy, thriving marriages that are more intimate, more loving, and more accepting.

I know this work matters.

And I know I was guided to this work – for me AND for you

Come and create your own “happily ever after”.