About Me

It IS possible to change your most intimate relationship for good!

Hi, I’m Jamelyn.

Even though I have always been happily married to the man of my dreams there was a time when sex seemed to be the one consistent thorn in our marriage. Sometimes it seemed to be going better and I would hope our troubles were past, but sooner or later we would fall back into frustration and resentment.

I honestly wondered if this was how it would always be.

But I just couldn’t accept that!

I was sick of feeling broken.

I was sick of resenting my husband.

And I was sick of fighting about sex.

When I found a life coach, I found hope.

I began to believe that is was possible to change my sexual relationship permanently. So, I started the journey to create the intimate relationship I’d always wanted but never thought was within my grasp. Now I help other women like you who want the same thing.

My dream is to help LDS women create healthy, thriving intimate relationships. It is an honour to help women in their marriages to find more intimacy, love, and acceptance.

I know this work matters.

And I know I was guided to this work – for me AND for you

Come and create your own “happily ever after”.