A Letter To Your Past

Today I saw a sign that read, “Dear Past,

                                                       Thanks so much for the lessons.

Have you ever considered writing a thank you letter to your past or would it classify more as hate mail?


Dear Past,

That never should have happened to me.

This has always been so hard for me.

Nothing ever went right for me.

 Thanks for nothing!


I decided to write a genuine thank you letter to my past.

Here is part of it:

Dear Past,

I have learned so much from you.

You taught me that people pleasing doesn’t work.

You taught me that what you say about others will most likely get back to them.

You taught me that I can do hard things.

You taught me that I can forgive.

You taught me that it is better to tell the truth the first time.

You taught me that many people carry hidden pain, so be kind.

I cannot thank you enough for these important lessons.



When I wrote this letter I was filled with gratitude for my past.

Now it’s your turn.

What would you like to thank your past for?